"My husband is a huge fan of your marmalades, but my vice is your Dilly Carottes! I could eat an entire jar in one sitting, and do it again the next day." - Kate Wyrostok "Je viens de terminer un pot de marmelade Bombe Matin et j'affirme sans aucune hésitation que c'est la meilleure marmelade que j'ai goûté dans ma vie! J'achetais de la marmelade importée d'Angleterre mais maintenant je n'achète que vos produits! Félicitations et merci de partager vos talents!" - Lucie G.
"Honnêtement, je ne suis pas une fan de marmelades ou confitures, mais vous m'avez rendue complètement accro! C'est un réel plaisir de débuter ma journée en savourant la marmelade de Noël avec un croissant tout frais."
- Jessicaand Pilon
"I bought a jar of vanilla grapefruit marmalade at Puces Pop over a year ago, and have been literally dreaming about it since. I think it was the best thing I ever put in my mouth." - Carly
"Camilla, your blackcurrent jam is absolutely to die for! I have never had a better preserve! Your delicacies made our Christmas meals not only more tasteful, but more memorable as well. We loved the Dilly carrots and green beans, and the spiced pineapple was so perfect with ham (and muffins, and toast, and anything else we were eating). My favourite is now a toss up between the rhubarb and the blackcurrent preserves! Thank you, Camilla, for making our holidays wonderful and delicious!" - Donna Cannon "Tout ce que j'ai goûté jusqu'à maintenant est délicieux. Certaines combinaisons sont recherchées, subtiles et savoureuses."
- Sylvie
"Actually I don't like bread very much. But because I wanna eat your jam, I eat bread often for breakfast now! Please sell your jam in Japan. It will over soon!!"
Akiko Mabuchi
"Hello to everyone & especially to the great hostess Camilla! I had the pleasure of taking her Orange Seville workshop with a girlfriend. What a treat! Not only the event itself, but the jam making process and the delicious items sampled too! My mouth waters at the memory and, the jars of jams purchased were delish! It was a memorable event and I encourage everyone to join her for a workshop of their liking!
Thank YOU Camilla for being a perfect hostess and, sharing your wonderful products with us!" - Litsa Papaevangelou
"I used to think that preserves are just empty calories until someone brought your honey/grapefruit marmalade as a hostess gift. I saw the bottom of the jar in just 5 days. Thank you for making my mornings sweeter."
- Zeynep A.
"I did want to tell you that I finished the Caesar Celery and the Rhume Rx both in one week. I am kind of embarrassed that I ate them so fast, I kept trying to remind myself that they were a rare and hard to acquire resource, but I couldn't help it. Seriously, they tasted so good. The perfect amount of flavours and well balanced - so delicious! I was drinking the Caesar brine...but then wondered if maybe I would get an ulcer or something, so I stopped, but I easily could have finished that jar of Caesar juice. Good work Society, that was some good sh*t!"
Somya Singh
"Une semaine qui commence merveilleusement bien. Marmelade pamplemousse-miel, sur brioche de tête bien beurrée, légèrement toastée. Merci."
- Frederic Chabot
"I just received my delicious jar of Ari$tocrat's Marmalade and I must say that it is absolutely fantastic. I eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. It is completely refreshing while it also satisfies my desire for complex flavors (and, you know, chocolate). The only side effects I've noticed include an odd attraction to top-hats and monocles and a strange desire to be called 'Nigel'."
- Jeff C.
"Just had some of your pickled onions in my sandwich - so good! I think I'll have them every day until they're all gone."
- Janice MacLachlan
"But there's a double thank-you being sent since last week I opened my Christmas marmalade -- what a treat! Talk about tasting pure and delicious real fruit! I don't normally have toast in the mornings, but I've changed my custom this past week to savor it. I know that there's a personal connection, and I appreciate the obvious care and quality involved in its preparation. Please pass on to the maker of the confection how very special and luscious I find it." - Kat's Nanna
"we ate a jar of your pickled eggs in one sitting. nuff said."
- Jesse and Gold
"I'm not usually one to plan meals, but I've had to start because I need to make sure I never have to stop eating your jam. Also, your Caesar Celery is literally a dream come true.
James McKye
"Holy crap...this apple chutney... grill cheese sandwiches will never be the same! And, my god, the raisins? They're like little micro flavour bombs!"
Marc Rimmer
"we are eating the jam you sent on crumpets at this very second.
it is freezing outside
it is perfect
your preserves are perfect.
my day sucked and now it is FUCKING RADICAL
thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Stewart
"Girl, your black currant jam rocks! We just opened it now. I was saving it till the summer was over so I could have berry bursts in the cold weather, and this jam did deliver. Seriously, it's so flavourful and just a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness and texture. Promise you'll make more."
- Natalie Shatula
"Your wasabi green beans were phenomenal."
Szef Bartek
"Just wanted to let you know that your jams are fantastic. The christmas marmalade puts the hoity toity organic French one I have in the fridge to shame. And the strawberry fig is amazing. I put them in my xmas thumbprint shortbreads, rolled in chopped nuts. So good!" - Lisa Smith
"Wowza. I am just eating some of your chutney with leftover indian food I made last night... It is so much tangier than most chutnies! Its tanginess seizes the mouth, and makes it pull up its skirts! And it's rich! How is it rich???! Is there butter in there? omg omg omg. So good!"
Katie Bethune-Leamen
"I want to pickle carrots so badly all I can think about is those pickled carrots." - Kinneret "Your nectarine jam is LITERALLY changing my life right now. If you have any reserves I would like to buy them ALL! I want to eat it for the rest of my life." - Tami Bernard
"Nectarine jam and I had a brief but extremely passionate affair. We burned bright. Too bright. We consumed each other. Well, actually, I just consumed her. Then one day I woke up and she was gone. Just completely gone. But it's okay. I've met someone else. Her name is strawberry rhubarb. Her parents must have been hippies." - Tami Bernard again

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