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Raspberry Jam with Candied Citrus & Star Anise

This is part of my new preserving column for a bunch of regional Ontario newspapers. Find the original post here. Raspberry jam is a classic for a reason. Aside from just being downright delicious, the berries contain enough pectin to... Read More >

A Tribute to Strawberry Salad

I took a food writing class back in November with the very talented Chris Nuttall-Smith, former Globe & Mail critic. I signed up on a whim last-minute, giving myself something concrete with which to distract myself from recipe testing and... Read More >

Marmalade Hot Cross Buns

The first recipe for my new site is not, in fact, for a preserve, but for one of my favourite baked goods of spring, HOT CROSS BUNS. I’ll actually be posting quite a few baking recipes that incorporate preserves in... Read More >