Do you still make preserves for sale?

Sadly, no. I shut down production in May 2018 for complex reasons. Currently I am a pastry chef and recipe developer in Toronto, ON, but at some point it’s entirely likely I will offer my preserves for sale again. The good news is that many of my recipes for the beloved Preservation Society products are available in my cookbooks, and I teach preserving classes regularly.

When does your new cookbook come out?

Jam Bake is out June 1st, 2021 from Appetite by Random House!

Where can I buy your first cookbook?

Preservation Society Home Preserves is available in English, French and Italian. The English version contains 33 more recipes than the French, but the French is hardcover, so maybe it balances out? I have never seen the Italian version but know it exists! You can order the French and English versions from your favorite local or online bookseller.

What about the Caesar Celery? Can I get the recipe for that?

Actually, the much beloved Caesar Celery will hopefully be returning to market. I sold the recipe to my favourite distributor so no one would be deprived. But I cannot give you the recipe, as it no longer belongs to me.


How long are classes?

In-person workshops generally run for 2 1/2 hours, whereas online workshops run about 2 hours, both with some exceptions.

Where are they held?

During the pandemic, they are held exclusively online!

Otherwise, since leaving Montreal I have no permanent space, so it depends! The event location is always listed. I teach regularly in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton, but will happily travel to teach anywhere.

How many people are in an in-person workshop?

The maximum is generally 12 people, but if you have a larger group, get in touch about private classes.

Private classes?

Yes! I am available to teach just you, your group of family and/or friends, or train a professional kitchen team in the science of safe preserving. I have taught preserving to birthday parties, bridal parties, online baby showers, top Montreal restaurant kitchens and online corporate events. Please get in touch for rates.

Is it hands-on?

At least two recipes are prepared in each class, and everyone gets a chance to try their hand at important canning techniques.

Should I bring anything?

Just a pen, unless otherwise specified.

Do you offer classes in French?

Yes! I teach workshops in both French and English.