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Marvelous Marmalade
Sunday, February 4th
The Depanneur
1033 College St. Toronto, ON

“Bitterness is the richest and most intellectually satisfying flavour that exists.”


—Andoni Luis Aduriz

It’s peak citrus season and there’s no better way to preserve them than by transforming them into bittersweet marmalade.

In this workshop master preserver Camilla Wynne will dive deep into marmalade, from its storied history to creative modern day recipes. We will sample different styles and flavours, and learn safe canning practices. In the kitchen we will prepare two different marmalades using distinct methods and customizable flavours. You will leave with a jar of each, ready to tackle any canning project and able to safely modify recipes to your taste.

You will leave with a jar of each preserve, ready to tackle any fruit canning project and able to safely modify recipes to your taste. Camilla’s preserving cookbook, Preservation Society Home Preserves, will be available for sale.

In this fun, hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to:
-safely prepare pectin-free marmalades that taste like citrus, not sugar
-safely prepare different styles of marmalade according to what fruit you have on hand
-modify the sugar or sweeteners in any recipe
-eliminate steps from the traditional canning process
-create unique marmalade recipes according to your tastes, whims & imagination


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