Camilla Wynne is available to teach industry and private workshops. Train your restaurant team in the art of preserving safely, or learn to can with friends for your birthday/wedding shower/no reason necessary! For more information, contact us.

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Let's Preserve Summer
Sunday, February 10th
Our Kitchen Brantford
20 Roy Blvd. Unit 34, Brantford, ON

To celebrate the opening of our fabulous new facility, Our Kitchen Brantford and The Jelly Girls are excited to present a special canning workshop by Master Preserver Camilla Wynne!

We may still have several weeks of winter to go, but it will look and taste like summer as Camilla uses citrus fruit to show us how to prepare delicious marmalades and other tasty treats. In this informative and entertaining workshop you will learn the basics of how to safely preserve your own fruits and vegetables and get valuable tips and techniques for successful home canning. You will leave with a jar each of two different preserves as well as the knowledge and confidence to safely modify recipes to produce your own signature “summer in a jar!”

As a participant of this special inaugural canning workshop, you will also receive a welcome bag from the Our Kitchen Brantford team – our Valentine gift to you!

To register, visit:

The Art of Marmalade (or, Preserving Sunshine)
Sunday, February 17th
The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery
460 York Boulevard, Hamilton, ON

Back by popular demand! In this workshop master preserver Camilla Wynne will dive deep into marmalade, from its storied history to creative modern day recipes. We will sample different styles and flavours, and learn safe canning practices. In the kitchen we will prepare two different marmalades using distinct methods and customizable flavours. You will leave with a jar of each, ready to tackle any canning project and able to safely modify recipes to your taste.

To register, visit:

Preserving Sunshine (aka Sensational Citrus!)
Saturday, February 23rd, 11am-4pm
Chez Blake (Pointe-St-Charles)

Come spend a wonderful Saturday canning and fermenting in the company of food stylist & cookbook author Blake Mackay and preserving teacher & cookbook author Camilla Wynne.

The morning will be spent learning the dark art of marmalade-- its history and many preparations, as well as fundamentals of safe water bath canning. We'll cook a marmalade, can citrus segments in syrup, and candy the peel (zero waste!) before taking a break to share a delicious, wholesome lunch. The afternoon gets into savoury territory and the wild technique of fermentation. We will prepare preserved lemons and a fermented citrus chutney!

Each participant will leave with a jar of each preserve!

Bring an apron and a bottle of wine if inclined.

The cost is $125 (tax included).

This workshop is bilingual!

Within 24 hours of signing up for the workshop, you will receive a Square invoice payable online by credit card. As soon as we receive your payment your place is reserved! You can also pay by credit card over the phone by calling (514) 804 4267.

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