A Tribute to Strawberry Salad

I took a food writing class back in November with the very talented Chris Nuttall-Smith, former Globe & Mail critic. I signed up on a whim last-minute, giving myself something concrete with which to distract myself from recipe testing and... Read More >

Cherry Negroni Jam

While the summer was late coming, it is now in full force (feels like 46C as I write this!), and I have that classic feeling of being totally overwhelmed by all of the fruit. I want it all. I want... Read More >

Happy Birthday, Have a Pickled Egg

I think I am like most people in that, for the majority of my life, I mostly thought of pickled eggs as a kind of cosmic joke. I’d only ever really seen them on the bar at The Wheel Club,... Read More >

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Revised

I have been finding a few reasons to get amped this spring, which is a miracle as it has also been one of the most stressful times of my life. This homey Taurus really does not love change, and I... Read More >


Big news! For the entire month of May, all items (with the sole exclusion of my cookbook) in my FoodiePages store are on SERIOUS sale. That’s right, they are priced to move, and it’s the last chance to lay your... Read More >

Montreal Cake Club & the Bake Sale

I have these two friends who I’ve known for about two decades now, which is about the same amount of time I’ve been working in pastry. It’s no coincidence, of course, that they also work in pastry, although that they... Read More >

Marmalade Hot Cross Buns

The first recipe for my new site is not, in fact, for a preserve, but for one of my favourite baked goods of spring, HOT CROSS BUNS. I’ll actually be posting quite a few baking recipes that incorporate preserves in... Read More >

A Little Bit of a Change

Hello and welcome to the brand new Preservation Society website! I realize that it actually looks quite like the old one, but it is indeed brand new. You can still find all my upcoming workshops and events in the menu,... Read More >